Evil Keebler Elf is Confused

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III aka Evil Keebler Elf seems to be confused about Hawaii. This racist dumb dumb is AG for the USA. Must be nice to be an idiot in charge. He was interviewed in The Mark Levine Show, where dumbass said that he was “amazed” that a “judge sitting on an island in the Pacific” could halt President Trump’s racist anti-Muslim ban. Sessions was referring to Hawaii. It’s unclear whether or not Sessions knows that Hawaii is one of the fifty states or if he was just being racist and a dumb asshole. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono suggested that Sessions was just being racist. On Twitter, the Democrat reminded Sessions that Hawaii has been a state for 58 years adding that “we won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics.” Congratulations USA! No wonder the world mostly hates us.

Bye Bitches!



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